Part of our range of simulators for nursing assistants and nurses is focused on hybrid training.

It allows students to find themselves as much in the role of learner as patient by wearing the simulator (CI plastron, tracheo bib etc.). The other part remains procedural allowing the learning of gestures and technical surgical procedures (suture, injections etc...)


The FAV puncture (venous arterio fistula) its a nursing gesture that requires technical know how. DIALTRAINER ECHOGEN in addition to being...
Price €1,150.00
Quantity Ref : DIALTECHO

Ultrasound block

This simulator is a tool for basic ultrasound injection training. The ultrasound block with 2 vessels of different diameters is easy to use,...
Price €150.00
Quantity Ref : EB2VP


Co developed with the Simusanté of Amiens Its objective is to practice decluttering and cleaning a tracheotomy cannula It is intended for...
Price €120.00
Quantity Ref : PLASTRACH

Pre-removal Sleeve

The sample sleeve is intended for the hybrid formation of blood collection or intravenous injection. It consists of a flexible sleeve simulating...
Price €100.00
Quantity Ref : PITRAINER


Replacement vein for the Pitrainer. The Pitrainer sampling sleeve is intended for the hybrid formation of the blood sample or intravenous...
Price €12.00
Quantity Ref : TRPIT

Plastron Implantable Room

The implantable chamber plastron is a training tool to practice different treatments on an implanted room. The possibility of having a student...
Price €182.00
Quantity Ref : CITRAINER

Pulse simulator

A bracelet to be put on the right wrist, and simulating, by the manual activation of a small air pump, the radial pulse. This device enables the...
Price €95.00
Quantity Ref : PPTRAINER

Suture Stamp

Intended for the training of suture techniques, incisions and removal of stitches or staples. Size 15cm x 11cm
Price €17.00
Quantity Ref : SUTSIM GM