ECMO Trainer

The ECMO Trainer®, the result of the collaboration between SimuSanté® and Créaplast®, is an essential tool for the development of the skills required for circulatory and respiratory assistance poses.
With an innovative technology allowing high-definition echogenicity for percutaneous punctures, but also the ability to be connected to a CEC simulator, this dummy presents a realistic simulation of anatomical and physiological veno-arterial circulation with remarkable arterial pulsatility as well as a cardiac massage simulation module to reproduce the scenarios increasingly close to those encountered in everyday life.
It is an essential pedagogical tool for the initial and continuing training, uni- or multidisciplinary, of the teams involved in circulatory assistance.

Dr Joseph NADER, Chirurgien Cardiaque, CHU Amiens-Picardie
Yann ROSANT, Perfusionniste, CHU Amiens-Picardie


ECMOTRAINER II echogenic simulator for extracorporeal oxygenation training with pulsatility, operating by automated pump. The scarpas and the...
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ECMOTRAINER III echogenic simulator of training to extracorporeal oxygenation with pulsatility, operating by automated pump. The ECMOTRAINER III...
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Consumable echogen ECMO jugular

Recyclable echogenous  consumable. Your first purchase including shipping costs is 120 € HT. We introduce a return system by our carrier. Your...
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