Training Models

Creaplast has developed a range of simulators in partnership with doctors, surgeons and trainers involved in health simulation centers.

The fruit of this collaboration has been the development of models with a remarkable realism: spine, skull, neurosurgery, dialysis, CEC, cardiac surgery, pediatric, hand microsurgery, nursing, etc....

In all these areas, Creaplast is able to provide you with the training tools that comply with the new doctrine "never again the first time on the patient"


ECMOTRAINER II echogenic simulator for extracorporeal oxygenation training with pulsatility, operating by automated pump. The scarpas and the...
Price €6,190.00
Quantity Ref : ECMOII


ECMOTRAINER III echogenic simulator of training to extracorporeal oxygenation with pulsatility, operating by automated pump. The ECMOTRAINER III...
Price €6,650.00
Quantity Ref : ECMOIII

Consumable echogen ECMO jugular

Recyclable echogenous  consumable. Your first purchase including shipping costs is 120 € HT. We introduce a return system by our carrier. Your...
Price €106.00
Quantity Ref : CEJ


The velopalatine clefts require a surgical closure during the first years of life. The repair of the veil and the palate in an anatomical way is...
Price €280.00
Quantity Ref : SIMFVP

UVULA disposable

DISPOSABLE SIMULATOR FVP. Declining price by quantity- consult us
Price €4.00
Quantity Ref : LUETTE

Handact - Hand Microsurgery Simulator

Handact offers more than just an incision, reconstruction, and suture exercise. It has all the main anatomical elements: Articulated skeleton,...
Price €340.00
Quantity Ref : HANDACT