Injection / Vein Puncture/ BOM

IM-trainer simulator

Simulator for learning intramuscular, intradermal and sub-skin injections. The stamp consisting  of 3  layers : epidermis, derme and muscle is...
Price €102.00
Quantity Ref : IMT

Ultrasound block

This simulator is a tool for basic ultrasound injection training. The ultrasound block with 2 vessels of different diameters is easy to use,...
Price €150.00
Quantity Ref : EB2VP

Pre-removal Sleeve

The sample sleeve is intended for the hybrid formation of blood collection or intravenous injection. It consists of a flexible sleeve simulating...
Price €100.00
Quantity Ref : PITRAINER


Replacement vein for the Pitrainer. The Pitrainer sampling sleeve is intended for the hybrid formation of the blood sample or intravenous...
Price €12.00
Quantity Ref : TRPIT

Plastron Implantable Room

The implantable chamber plastron is a training tool to practice different treatments on an implanted room. The possibility of having a student...
Price €182.00
Quantity Ref : CITRAINER