Spine surgery simulators

The original spine  surgery  simulator (SSS) developed in 1998 by Creaplast made it possible to consider the training of spine surgeons outside the use of corpses.

The main advantage of the simulator is to be able to reproduce the complete gestures of an intervention on the spine.

The most common pathologies are reconstructed to the most realistic.

The model can be Xray opaque at your request.

It contains a T10/sacrum spine with common and yellow ligaments, nerve roots, spinal cord. Conditions such as: L1 fracture, L3/L4 stenosis, L4/L5 hernia and Spondylolisthesis  in L5/Sacrum.

The range comes in cervical version, scoliosis (thoracic, lumbar, thoraco-lumbar)
Lateral lumbar and anterior pathway

Spine surgery simulator, MIS

The simulator for the training of minmally invasive surgery. Thanks to Mispine  you can perform pedicular sightings in minimally invasive...
Price €290.00
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The spine surgery simulator range has evolved with the advice of Pr Lefranc of the Amiens University Hospital and SimuSante The misstrainer is...
Price €280.00
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Trauma Spine Trainer

The TRAUMA SPINE TRAINER is the indispensable tool for demonstrating fracture reduction in T12. It includes the T12 fracture spine and the foam...
Price €610.00
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T12 FRACTURE REDUCTION SIMULATOR. Pre-drilled for implant or instrument insertion first. It is not designed to receive cement.
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SSS no pathology

The original spine surgery simulator (SSS) developed in 1998 by Creaplast made possible the training of spine surgeons without the use of corpses....
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