ECMOTRAINER (extra corporel membrane oxygenation)

ECMOTRAINER I (extra corporel membrane oxygenation)

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ECMO I echogenic simulator for training in extra-corporeal oxygenation.

Putting a patient under ECMO (extra corporeal membrane oxygenation) is a delicate gesture often performed in vital emergency. The ECMOTRAINER will allow practitioners to train in the installation of ECMO.

The echogenicity of the model to allow the puncture of the vessels in cervical and femoral.
The catheterization of the vessels allowing the complete realization of the canulation gesture, in arterial as in venous, thanks to a vascular fluid circulating by means of a pump integrated into the dummy.

A major asset, the puncture sites that form consumables are recyclable.

ECMO I is delivered in its suitcase to facilitate its transport. It weighs 15kgs.



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