Velopalatine slot simulator


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The velopalatine clefts require a surgical closure during the first years of life. The repair of the veil and the palate in an anatomical way is surgically complex, due to the fine tissues and the local endobuccal configuration.

Having a velopalatine slit suture simulator in the centresthat support this pathology is beneficial for learning



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The main advantages of our simulator are the fidelity of the local endobuccal configuration and the ability to train in sutures safely.

The removable suture part is a flexible structure such as the oral sleeve that reproduces peri-buccal soft tissues. The oral opening is then carried out by a Malek-type spreader, the same as during the surgical procedure.

The angulation of the base is variable, so as to improve the exposure during the realization of the sutures.


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