Suspended spine with deformation, enclosed in an elastomeric gutter.
Price €1,380.00
Quantity Ref : S3DEP

Spine surgery simulator, MIS

The simulator for the training of minmally invasive surgery. Thanks to Mispine  you can perform pedicular sightings in minimally invasive...
Price €290.00
Quantity Ref : MISPIN


The spine surgery simulator range has evolved with the advice of Pr Lefranc of the Amiens University Hospital The misstrainer is suitable for...
Price €280.00
Quantity Ref : LA3S

Trauma Spine Trainer

The TRAUMA SPINE TRAINER is the indispensable tool for demonstrating fracture reduction in T12. It includes the T12 fracture spine and the foam...
Price €610.00
Quantity Ref : TSTRAINER


T12 FRACTURE REDUCTION SIMULATOR. Pre-drilled for implant or instrument insertion first. It is not designed to receive cement.
Price €530.00
Quantity Ref : FRT12

SSS no pathology

The original spine surgery simulator (SSS) developed in 1998 by Creaplast made possible the training of spine surgeons without the use of corpses....
Price €230.00
Quantity Ref : LM00